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Make your giving go further

07 Oct 2019

This week we launch our bright new brand and we are very proud to explain, in what we think is a much clearer way, what we do...

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Making our communities stronger, together

01 Oct 2019

What exciting times. It is easy to come back from the annual CFNZ conference inspired; the unity and collective spirit of our various community foundations creates real energy....

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The philanthropic conversation

11 Sep 2019

While many people don’t think of themselves as philanthropists we find that most people do want to make a difference in the world...

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Simple solution as charitable Trusts struggle

27 Jul 2019

New Zealand ranks highly against other countries when it comes to charitable giving. We have been philanthropic for a very long time and our country is well endowed – in fact, some would say over-endowed – with Charitable Trusts...

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Ensure your Trust’s purpose continues on forever

08 Jul 2019

Many in the business community put their time, energy and expertise into being trustees of not-for-profit organisations, incorporated societies or charitable trusts that distribute or use their funds to meet community needs. If this is you, you’ll know first-hand that the management of such groups’ capital or trust funds is not getting any easier...

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Thinking big, sometimes with little plans

25 Jun 2019

Philanthropy. It’s not a word we use so much at Community Foundations...

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