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Help your clients achieve smarter philanthropy.

Thank you for showing an interest in learning more about Community Foundations and how we can help you help your clients’ giving go further. You know your clients. We know philanthropy. Together we can create a giving plan that will best suit your clients' needs.

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Why have the ‘philanthropy’ conversation?

Many people want to give or at least want to make a difference. Conversations about how they can have an impact and do good with their money are often warm and very rewarding ones. It is an opportunity for you to connect with your clients’ core aspirations and values and to really build a long term relationship with them.

“Kiwis are really generous. In fact, I think international statistics prove that. They’re generous of spirit, generous of heart and also give quite a big proportion of their salaries or their wages.” - Sir Stephen Tindall

Community Foundations can help to add significant value to your client relationships by offering professional philanthropic expertise to complement your existing skill sets and help you provide a more holistic financial planning approach.

Philanthropy conversation

"We can help to empower generous, insightful people to build permanent funds that will make an impact and provide for future generations. It's important and fulfilling work, for both professional advisors and their clients"

Eleanor Eleanor Cater, CFNZ

How we can help you.

We work in partnership with you, either in the background, supporting you to have the conversation with your clients about developing a philanthropic plan; or we can offer advice directly. However you prefer, we will always respect and work within the relationships you have established. Your role will be to provide counsel on legacy giving and maintaining the overall wealth planning relationship.

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As your philanthropy services partner we can:

  • Tailor a giving plan
  • Provide information on giving strategies
  • Take care of the administration
  • Connect your clients with local causes, programmes or charities
  • Accommodate gifts such as real estate, life insurance policies or shares, which are not easily transferable to other charitable entities
  • Manage investments and distribute income
  • Help you work through possible granting processes
  • Help you deal with complex philanthropic objectives
  • Offer guidance on including philanthropy in wealth planning conversations
  • Offer inside local knowledge on organisations doing impactful work in the community

Want information on helping your clients achieve smarter philanthropy?

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“I really enjoy talking to my clients about giving. I find most often it’s a warm conversation motivated by their desire to impact the community and their passion for a cause. Many people are also seeking reassurance that their wealth will be used wisely”

Liz Koh Liz Koh, Financial Advisor, Wellington