Dealing with Covid-19 as a Community Foundation

Community Foundations across NZ and across the world are considering how they might help to shape community response and steer philanthropy to where it's needed most. In a way, this is our moment to respond, including how we harness the goodwill and people's desire to give, and through our thoughtful grant-making and the stories we share with heart.

CFNZ will arrange group meetings as required as the situation continues to develop. There are already loads of really useful resources out there, which will help to formulate your thinking around planning for collecting community funds and distributing them thoughtfully and with impact.

Take the time to read and check out some of these:

Community Foundations of NZ

Emergency Response and Readiness Guide

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How NZ's Community Foundations are responding

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Philanthropy NZ

Helpful resources

Readiness, Response and Recovery: A Funder’s Guide

Fundraising Institute of NZ

Webinar- how to continue on with your mission during the Covid-19 crisis

Charities Services

Information for charities on managing Covid-19 situation

Crisis Communications Support

Coronavirus Crisis Comms Triage Kit, The Communications Network

How to talk about Covid-19 - a guide from The Workshop

Some of the BEST articles:

Super wise advice from Kate Frykberg for the NZ funding sector
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Helpful webinars:

Centre for Disaster Philanthropy - how can philanthropy respond and what the most likely needs will be at each stage of the pandemic:

Community Foundations of Canada: How Community Foundations are responding to Covid-19