Emergency response and readiness

When disaster strikes: A Guide for Community Foundations in Aotearoa NZ

In 2019 New Zealand has seen an outpouring of online support for Christchurch not seen on a scale before. Internationally the online giving community is far more advanced than was the case in 2011 following the devastating earthquake in Christchurch. We are also seeing a real shock factor around growing ethnic and religion-based attacks worldwide.

This is a first for Community Foundations in New Zealand and we are learning as we go much around preparedness work for disaster response and recovery.

Much of the information contained in this document comes from our counterparts at Community Foundations of Canada, which has been around far longer and has helped a number of Community Foundations respond in times of emergency, including the Mosque and Islamic Cultural Centre attacks in Peterborough and Quebec City and the wildfires in Fort McMurray. Further information has been gathered from The Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal (FRRR) based in Australia, a leader in exploring philanthropy’s role and response to disasters. Other information has been gathered from various local sources, including a section on care of donors and a glimpse into the future, a silver lining of how a local disaster can help your Community Foundation to strengthen in its community leadership.

Download the guide here - CFNZ Emergency Response Disaster Framework

Much thanks goes to Community Foundations of Canada for being so willing to share their resources and expertise when NZ faced such a difficult time.