Acting as responsive funders

Acting as responsive funders

Lori Luke
CEO Acorn Foundation/Deputy Chair CFNZ
2 August 2022

At Acorn Foundation right now, we are deep into our annual distributions process that enables us to honour our donors’ wishes and to support the aspirations of the Western Bay of Plenty.

Our team focuses on accessibility of funding and works hard to value our recipients’ time. Using trust-based philanthropy, Acorn provides no-application grants to local groups whose contribution to the community is clear and who have stable management and Boards. For groups utilsing the normal process, the application is short and asks for only what we need as an output. We visit groups where they work, to better understand their accomplishments and challenges.

But is our process accessible enough? What about video applications; do they reduce challenges for people with disabilities, language or cultural barriers? How do young people work best?

Whether working with our amazing donors or the charitable organisations and causes they support, Acorn staff are always striving to improve the way we work. We want to make it as easy as possible for our region’s generosity to get to the causes doing the great mahi on the ground.

As a member of Community Foundations New Zealand, we are determined to continue working on funding accessibility while supporting local aspirations and helping the communities in the Western Bay of Plenty to thrive.

Date Posted: 02 Aug 2022

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