Giving to where the heart resides

Giving to where the heart resides

Gareth Foster’s entire life has resided in Northland, and he has a number of local causes which are close to his heart.

Gareth is a male bass singer, and has performed many years, including with the Whangarei Repertory Society and Whangarei Theatre Company. He has always loved sport, particularly athletics and swimming, and has had family that have represented New Zealand at the Olympics in equestrian, winning medals for our country. He has seen the opportunities that investment in youth can bring to young talent.

He also has a love for education, which his mother instilled in him as a school teacher, he says “we need to support our top students as they are our future!”

In writing his will, Gareth has naturally chosen to look after family and friends first, and has decided to leave the residual of his estate to benefit the causes that mean the most to him: namely opera, sports and education.

Gareth’s residual gift in his will is going to be invested with Northland Community Foundation, with the income benefitting these causes of his choice forever, providing scholarships to up-and-coming young talent in his name.

He says, “Giving makes me feel good, it’s great to give something back to the community I have lived in and loved for my whole life.”

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Gareth Foster