Working in partnership with local charities and causes.

Community Foundations can assist local charities and causes by setting up ‘special interest funds’, or a specific fund for a specific cause.

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Why start your charity’s own Endowment Fund?

  • Professionally managed, it will return far more to your charity over time than one-off donations
  • The perpetuity model ensures a sustainable income stream
  • Research indicates donors appreciate having more strategic options in the mix of ways to support the cause they love
  • Over time, it will enable you to spend more energy on your mission and less on fundraising
  • It’s fundraising with a strategic lens, appealing to forward-thinking Boards
  • Your fund will be suggested as an option for donors and marketed along with the range of Community Foundation funds
  • Economies of scale and a very low fee structure lead to better investment returns
  • The capital is preserved forever, with the extra income being reinvested each year to ensure fund health and factoring in inflation
  • Funds are held off your balance sheet with income flowing back as a revenue stream

Contact your local Community Foundation today to find out how your charity or cause can work in partnership for significant future benefit.

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